Many homeowners think that they will need a large backyard area if they intend on creating a cozy and inviting outdoor living space. However, some fantastic outdoor living areas can be created, even if your property is smaller than average. Below are just a few ideas to help get you started on creating the ideal outdoor living space for your family to enjoy.

Brighten Up your Yard with Plants and Greenery

Your home’s outdoor living space can be spruced up beautifully by incorporating various plants and greenery in various ways. For instance, a trellis can be threaded with blooming vines; a bare wall can be brightened up with small pot plants mounted to it or you could even get adventurous and create a completely vertical garden that will provide your yard with a focal point as well as pops of color when everything starts blooming.

Don’t Be Stuck Inside While Everyone Else is Outside – Add an Outdoor Kitchen and Bar

No outdoor living space can be considered complete without some form of outdoor kitchen and bar being included. This will provide the ideal spot for grilling up your favorite foods and having easy access to cold drinks. An outdoor kitchen also allows you to stay connected with your family and friends while preparing the meal.

When considering appliances and surfaces for an outdoor kitchen, ensure that low maintenance finishes are used – along with appliances that will be able to withstand prolonged outdoor exposure. Flooring in this area should also be concrete or sealed pavers – these will show the least wear and tear over time.

Create a cozy atmosphere for those cool evenings

Having a fire pit installed can add a stunning focal point to your outdoor living area. Before deciding where to put this feature, check the local wind patterns to ensure that it won’t create a smoke issue for the rest of your yard. Ensuring that ample seating is available around your fire pit will allow it to become a favorite gathering place for friends and family.

Another option is having a brick or stone fireplace erected which provides a stunning feature to your outdoor living space. Regardless of the time of year, a fireplace provides the perfect atmosphere for gathering with family or friends or even just enjoying a good book while curled up under a snuggly blanket.

Be the Entertainment Destination on Game Days and for ‘Must-See” TV Shows

Does your family enjoy watching various sporting events on TV or have ‘must-see’ shows everyone watches? If so, consider incorporating a TV into your outdoor living space with comfy couches. This will not only allow your family to enjoy every moment of watching the latest game or show; your home will become known as ‘the destination’ to be at whenever popular sporting events or shows are on TV.

Outdoor Lighting is a Must

If you intend on enjoying your outdoor living space after the sun has set, you’ll need to include some good lighting in this area of your yard. Basic porch lights should be included to provide easily visible access between inside and outside, while outdoor kitchen areas will require good task lighting over the grill and working surfaces. Solar powered accent lights can be used to illuminate walkways, while dimmable lighting can be placed around lounging areas.

Include some Privacy

Your outdoor living area will feel more like an oasis to escape a busy day if it has a sense of enclosure. Although garden walls and fencing can help provide this, landscaping, pergolas or even lattice can be used to block the view of neighboring properties as needed.

Leave Enough Room for a Functional Patio 

While designing your ideal outdoor living space, be sure to include a functional patio area that contains dedicated spots for an outside lounge and dining area. This will allow you to truly make the most of any time being spent out in the fresh air – regardless of whether it’s to enjoy a meal or to simply just gaze at the stars with your kids on a clear evening. Some soft lighting can be added to these areas to make them more enjoyable as well.

Creating a living space your whole family can use to the fullest will ensure that as much time as possible can be enjoyed outdoors at virtually any time of the year. Contact us today to meet with our design team to create the perfect outdoor living area for your family.