summer green lawn

Americans spend an average of 40 hours a year mowing and caring for their lawns, but despite this time and attention, many find it difficult to combat summertime brown spots. Below are some expert tips on how to avoid browning and keep your landscape brilliantly green this summer.

Move the Mower Blades Higher

Lawns grow very quickly during the summer, so it is tempting to set the blade on the mower as low as possible to try to extend the length of time between mowing. Unfortunately, this has an adverse effect on the health of your lawn. Grass roots are just below the surface, and direct sunlight will burn and kill them. Aim for a height of three inches to ensure that your lawn’s roots receive adequate shade.

Water Deeply & Consistently

Rather than spraying a quick coat of water over your lawn every single day, it is better to water your lawn deeply and regularly. Once or twice each week, spray your lawn with about one and a half inches of water. You can pre-program your sprinklers if you have them, but remember to adjust for deep, soaking rains as they come. Hydrated grass photosynthesizes more efficiently, which leads to a greener appearance.

Water in the Morning

The very early morning hours between five and six are the best times to give your lawn that quenching deep drink. You can water manually if you choose, but once again, you can also program your sprinkler or irrigation system to kick on at the proper time.

Fertilize Your Lawn

Fertilizer is essential for maintaining your lawn and keeping it bright green throughout the summer. Most experts agree that applying fertilizer every six weeks is the best rule of thumb, but make sure you choose a brand with low nitrogen to prevent rapid regrowth.

Keep Your Mower Blades Sharp

A poorly-maintained mower will inevitably lead to a poorly-maintained lawn. While it is important to change the oil and sparkplug and keep moving parts lubricated, a sharp blade will have the most direct influence on your lawn’s health. A dull blade doesn’t slice the top of the blade of grass; rather, it tears the blades out of the lawn and causes bare or brown patches.

Prevent Browning Caused by Pets

Pets are fantastic, but their urine can lead to significant browning if you are not careful. Some homeowners purchase reusable synthetic sod for a corner of the lawn and train their pets accordingly. Others use a product known as a “urine neutralizer” to counteract these effects.

Keeping your lawn green this summer is not a difficult endeavor. Implementing the best practices for lawn care is the easiest way to keep your lawn bright and green. From watering to fertilizing and keeping the grass trimmed at the right height, you can have a gorgeous lawn that makes the neighbors envious.