Have you been considering adding a few shrubs to your Chicagoland yard, but haven’t been sure which varieties would thrive in this zone 5 gardening region that can experience pretty cold winters? Shrubs perform quite a few important tasks such as attracting pollinators and providing privacy, so it’s essential to add a few to your landscaping if you would like your entire garden to thrive.

Below are some varieties of shrubs that will add the perfect finishing touch to the rest of your yard and garden:


These shrubs are available in various shades ranging from pale pink to deep purple and they provide a lovely fragrance in your garden. Lilacs can make a fantastic hedge and they are known for attracting butterflies as well. Some of the new varieties are more compact, but will still provide you with a lovely array of color when they start blooming.


If a specific part of your yard doesn’t ever receive full sunlight, this shrub will provide a lovely spring show of flowers in different hues of pinks, purples, yellows and white against their deep green foliage. Although some of the new varieties of this shrub are more tolerant to cold, it’s recommended that they all be planted in areas that offer partial shade.


Specifically recommended for cold climates like Chicagoland, this shrub comprises beautiful arching branches that are speckled with clumps of creamy white flowers that appear during late spring. Keep in mind though, that this plant is quite fast growing and it can get rather large – so it will either require a lot of room to thrive or you can obtain dwarf varieties if garden space is limited.


If it’s low maintenance that you’re looking for in garden shrubs, Spirea definitely fits the description. Many new varieties are known to maintain their rounded shape with very little to no pruning required and they produce clusters of white, pink or red flowers against a backdrop of lime green, deep green or even gold foliage, depending on the variety.


This is one of few shrub varieties that can be grown in virtually any climate, making it ideal for planting in your zone 5 garden. After planting this, you’ll be rewarded with bright and cheerful flowers during the summer months, slightly faded floral tones during fall and dried blooms that will linger on the plant throughout the colder winter months. Different varieties of hydrangea are available, so it’s recommended to check with your local garden center or nursery regarding those that will thrive between your existing landscaping.

While many seasoned gardeners will be comfortable choosing and planting various shrubs in their gardens themselves, others may feel like they need a helping hand to ensure that their chosen plants will thrive. If you would like to obtain expert recommendations regarding the types of shrubs that will be best for your specific garden and yard areas, contact our experienced landscapers today.