The real estate market is booming right now.  It seems like every day there is a new home for sale and another one exchanging hands.  It is a great time to be seller especially for those living in the Libertyville and surrounding areas.

But as the house market continues to heat up so will the number of homes for sale.  Buyers will have more options and sellers will need to make sure their Chicago home stands out from the competition. This is where the little details like great landscaping can make all the difference.  Want to sell your home faster?  Consider hiring a professional landscaping company for help!

Here are some ways a professional landscaping team such at Martin John Company can help get your home sold:

  • Add some color… in the right spots. Landscapers are experts at what they do and, if they are like Martin John Company, have years of experience under their belt.  They know how to add beautiful, colorful flowers in just the right spots.  You are sure to have blooms that not only look great but also have the right amount of sunlight and shade to flourish.
  • Refresh the mulch. Bald spots in landscaping bedding and faded mulch is unappealing.  Landscapers can quickly and cost-effectively lay new layers of fresh mulch to all of the property’s beds.
  • Trim unruly bushes & trees. Are you a little intimidated by the thought of trimming your bushes and trees?  Many homeowners are terrified of taking too much off and damaging the plant.  But an unruly shrub can make your home look more like a haunted house than an appealing property.  Let the experts give your bushes and trees the cut they need.
  • Create a polished look. Do you still have remnants of last year’s growing season?  Branches on the ground, leaf piles in the corners and clumps of dead grass?  These all remind potential homebuyers of all the work they need to do once they move in.  Have a professional landscaping team give your Chicago lawn the much-needed attention it deserves for a polished look.

One of the biggest risks you can take is not dealing with poor landscaping before you put your home on the market.  When the appraisers come to value homes, they take this important feature into account.  Your property can appraise higher or lower depending on its curb appeal.  Potential homebuyers also take note of how well the lawn is kept.  It can be a differentiator between you and the house down the street.                                                                       

When it comes to getting the most bang for your buck, there are few things that can improve your chances of selling your home more than professional landscaping.  For those in the Libertyville area and beyond, there is no better partner for your landscaping job than Martin John Company.  Our team can help you create that great outdoor appeal so your Chicago property can stand out from the rest.  Whether you need a quick spruce up or a more extensive overhaul, Martin John Company is ready for your call.  Contact us today to schedule your consultation.