Many homeowners believe that the end of summer also means the final days of being able to enjoy outdoor parties, BBQs and casual get-togethers. However, this need not be the case if you decide to convert your backyard into a cozy outdoor living space. In fact, including these aspects will allow you to make the most of this part of your property all year round.

Outdoor Heaters

As temperatures start dropping with the approach of fall, outdoor heaters can provide a great solution for friends and family to stay warm while enjoying some time outdoors. These units are available in various sizes, meaning that there will be a few options available to suit your outdoor living area – regardless of its size. Another advantage of these heaters is that they are portable, so it’s easy to store them during the warmer months.

Patio Roofing

Installing a patio roof is not only a great way to improve privacy in your outdoor entertainment area; it will be an absolute blessing on those days that the weather is unpredictable because you’ll still be able to entertain outdoors without worrying about your guests or food getting wet. Outdoor curtains can be installed on one or more sides if additional shelter or privacy is needed.

Outdoor Kitchens

Many types of food simply taste better when they’ve been grilled, regardless of the season. Installing a fully equipped outdoor kitchen in your backyard living space and under a roof will allow you to continue preparing meals and simply enjoying gathering with friends and family virtually all year round. Setting out weatherproof tables and chairs will provide a little extra comfort as well.


Having outdoor lighting installed in and around your outdoor living space will not only improve the overall aesthetics of this part of your home; it will make it far safer for you and your guests to spend time outside as it becomes darker in the evenings. Investing in waterproof LED and solar lighting fixtures will help provide the ambiance and lighting you need without having to worry about it having an effect on your electricity bill.

Fire Features

Whether you choose a fire pit, traditional fireplace, or fire table, adding a fire feature to your outdoor living space can help maximize the amount of time you spend entertaining outdoors. Adding a few little extras such as soft cushions, throws or blankets on a built-in bench around your fire feature will create a cozy feel all year round to this part of your yard area.

Setting up an outdoor living space in a way that makes it feel inviting and cozy will enable you to enjoy spending time outside entertaining friends and family all year round. If you would like to obtain recommendations for transforming your outdoor living area to maximize your year-round use, get in touch with us today to set up an appointment.