If there’s one thing that can be said for winters in the Midwest – especially in Chicago and near the Great Lakes – it’s that winters can be incredibly harsh and unpredictable. It is not uncommon for a foot or more of snow to fall overnight, blanketing everything from your front steps to your car in a pile of pure white. It is always beneficial to start thinking about your snow removal needs prior to the first snowfall, and there are plenty of reasons to hire outside help, too.

You’ll Need to Get In and Out of the House Safely

Snow is definitely beautiful, but for many homeowners all across the Chicagoland area, it can be quite dangerous – especially when it comes to leaving your house. You can use rock salt to help prevent the front steps from freezing, but this only works up to a certain point, and it won’t stop inches of snow from piling up. Unfortunately, numerous injuries occur each year when people attempt to make their way out the front door after a snowstorm. Securing snow removal services now is a great way to prevent this.

You Have to Keep Your Sidewalk Clear

Plenty of HOAs and areas of the Chicago area (and its suburbs) require you to keep your sidewalk clear of snow for public safety reasons. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to clear the snow on their own within the given timeframe. Snow removal services respond on a first-come, first-served basis, so the sooner you choose to hire someone, the better off you will be.

You May Need to Get Your Car Out of the Driveway

When snow really piles up, you might decide to park your car in the garage overnight to spare yourself the cleaning in the morning, but if the snow has built up on your driveway just outside the garage, it may be difficult – if not impossible – for you to even get your car on the road. Snow removal services will clear your driveway from the road or street to your garage, making it much simpler and safer to get to your destination.

You Don’t Have the Time or Ability to Do it Yourself

Finally, it is important to remember that not everyone has the time or the able body required to remove snow on their own. Elderly homeowners may not have the ability to go outside and hook up a plow or use a snowblower, and people who work long hours simply do not have the time between work and sleep. If either of these scenarios sounds familiar to you, or even if you simply prefer to hire a professional to remove snow, now is the best possible time to make the call and learn more about the services that are available to you.

Winter is on its way, and that means cold temperatures and wintry precipitation are just around the corner. By securing a snow removal service early on, you can ensure that your driveway, front step, or even sidewalk – or maybe all three – remain clear and safe despite the weather.