outdoor kitchen

Have you been considering the option of having an outdoor kitchen installed, but thought it would be best to wait until summer to plan it? If so, you may not be doing yourself any favors because summer will be the time that you’ll want to entertain friends and family – and it will be when you need your outdoor kitchen the most.

Here are some reasons why now is the right time to plan that fabulous outdoor kitchen for your home:

Lead Time Is Crucial

It takes time to get plans created, permits approved, and materials ordered and delivered.  The sooner you work with a professional landscaper designer to discuss and finalize your plans the better.  Additionally, landscapers start to get really busy once the weather turns nice.  Finalizing your plans now allows you to get on the landscaper’s work schedule ahead of those that wait to the last minute.

Be Ready to Entertain as Soon as Summer Arrives

Most households look forward to summer because they know that they’ll be able to spend as much time as possible outside – and if your outdoor kitchen has already been installed and set up, this will allow you to spend even more time out in the fresh air than planned.

Increase your Home’s Value

Once your outdoor kitchen has been established, you’ll not only improve your family’s quality of life; this additional entertainment space will increase the overall resale value of your home as well – which will come in handy should you ever decide to sell and move elsewhere.

Enjoy Several Advantages of Cooking Outside

Homeowners who had outdoor kitchens installed have noted that there are many benefits that can be enjoyed when taking food prep and cooking outside, such as:

  • Not being stuck inside while everyone else is outside. An outdoor kitchen allows you to stay connected with your family and friends while preparing the meal.
  • Keeping the heat from stovetops and ovens out of the house, resulting in less air conditioning being required inside – causing a drop in summer energy bills.
  • Preventing food smells from lingering inside your home long after meals have been prepared.
  • Less time will need to be spent keeping your inside kitchen clean because most meal prep and cooking will be done outside instead.

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