When planting a garden, most property owners tend to only focus on what is being planted. However, trees, flowers, bushes and shrubs aren’t all that has to be considered when planning your garden in the Chicago area. Although items such as garden furniture, ornaments, fire pits and even dividing walls may not bloom like your favorite plant, they are forms of hardscaping that have a way of transforming your yard space into something truly special.

What Hardscaping Does for your Yard

Hardscape exists at virtually every property in the form of patios, driveways, walkways and other structures or decorations, all of which help make it as accessible and attractive as possible. As such, hardscape exists to prevent water absorption and soil erosion. For example, rain, sprinklers and water from garden hoses can degrade a home’s exterior in no time – but placing the right forms of hardscaping in strategic areas will prevent this from happening.

Although managing the flow of melting snow and rain water through your yard’s landscape during winter can be challenging, the correct hardscaping will simplify the process. An example would be to have the excess water be channeled into a depression or low spot, where it can then soak into a buried drainage pipe that will carry it out of your yard – preventing flooding from occurring.

Erecting hardscaping such as an enclosed patio area or even a fire pit will also allow your family to make the most of your outdoor living space during the colder months.

Why Landscaping is Beneficial in Chicago Gardens

Having your Chicago yard professionally landscaped will do far more than just improve your home’s curb appeal.

Did you know that it could even help reduce utility bills and conserve energy in cold climates? In these areas, the goal is to block as much of the icy winter wind as possible with the right shrubs and trees, and also to capture as much available sun as possible.

Plants also help reduce noise levels and absorb a significant amount of pollutants before they have the opportunity to enter your home. For instance, a cypress hedge that is planted just two feet thick along the front boundary line of your property will reduce the amount of street noise you hear inside by up to 5 decibels.

How we can Help

Many homeowners feel overwhelmed at the thought of planning hardscaping and landscaping for their properties. However, our team can assist with each aspect of the planning, costing and labor processes – enabling you and your family to have a garden and outdoor living area that you’ll be proud of and will enjoy using all year round.

If you would like to find out more about how the right combination of hardscaping and landscaping will benefit your property in the Chicago area, get in touch with us today. We look forward to providing you with various options to suit your needs and budget.