As a Chicago homeowner, chances are that you’ll want your garden to look as pretty as possible by the time spring arrives, and what better way to do this than by planting flowers that are not only attractive, but that will also be able to withstand the weather conditions associated with being situated in hardiness zone 5. A few examples of flowers that will do well in this region are mentioned below.

What does Hardiness Zone 5 Mean?

Various hardiness zones are basic guidelines released by the USDA with regards to the types of plants that will be able to survive and even thrive in a specific part of the country. Chicago is classified as zone 5, meaning that plants in the area will be able to withstand winter temperatures that are no lower than -20 degrees Fahrenheit. Plants that are deemed to be hardy in zones 5 through 8 can be grown in zones 5, 6, 7 and 8, but would most likely not survive the colder temperatures experienced in zone 4 areas or lower.

Creeping Phlox

These flowers produce a colorful display of various pastel shades and very little expert knowledge is needed to care for them. If you’re looking for a cascading plant option or something that can act as a groundcover, look no further because Creeping Phlox can be grown over rockeries as well as in challenging soil conditions.

Wild Violets

This is another plant that will virtually be able to care for itself after being planted and watered occasionally. Although the most common of these plants has purple-blue flowers, some varieties are known to have yellow or white blooms as well. In some areas, wild violets are considered as being annuals or biennials. However, they are known to self-seed and come back in various unexpected locations throughout your garden.


These pretty flowers have been known to reach heights of up to 9 feet tall, so they have the ability to provide a unique vertical element to the rest of your garden. Hollyhocks are a fairly short-lived perennial flower, so most varieties will only be in your garden for about two to three years at most. However, if they are thriving in your garden, they will easily reseed over time.

Coral Bells

If a splash of vibrant color is what you’d like to see in your garden, these flowers will help you achieve this quite easily. Also referred to as alumroot, coral bells can be found in a number of colors such as pink, white, deep red and light coral. After being established, these flowers require little maintenance with the exception of being watered from time to time.

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