The arrival of spring brings with it many signs of new life, especially for gardening enthusiasts who want to keep their yards looking attractive. If you have been keen to start working in your garden, but haven’t been sure what to plant, the list below will be a great help in getting you started.

1. Common Foxglove

Although these will require two full growing seasons before flowering, the Common Foxglove’s stunning and vibrant petals will add a flamboyant appearance to what could otherwise be a dull and mundane garden. They will thrive in soil that has a high pH level and require partial shade to bloom at their full potential. Flowers may be yellow, white or purple and they reach heights of between 18 and 60 inches on average.

2. Yellow Sundrops

Sundrops will add a brilliant splash of yellow color to a garden and added bonuses include the fact that they are able to tolerate relatively poor soil and they are quite drought-resistant. However, it is crucial to ensure that the ground they are in can drain well and that they will be planted in an area that provides them with full sun exposure. These flowers grow between 18 and 23 inches in height and they are known to keep deer out of gardens – definitely an advantage in some areas of Chicago!

3. Knock Out Roses

Not only are these lovely and fragrant, they are also fast growing and extremely hardy. Knock Out Roses are also resistant to disease and able to thrive in areas where full sun is experienced. When fully grown, they will be approximately 4 feet tall and there are several different colors to choose from such as purple, pink, peach, yellow and white.

4. Yarrows

These flowers start blooming during late spring and will continue doing so throughout summer and they are known to attract several species of butterflies. A distinct advantage of yarrows is that they can tolerate poor soil and they will also bloom at their best in areas where full sun is experienced.

5. Salvia

This is part of the mint family and it works well in gardens or containers because it only reaches about two feet high and two feet wide when fully grown. Regular pruning will be needed to keep Salvia looking beautiful and it will thrive in areas of full sun. Some of the more common colors of these flowers include scarlet, purple, light pink and lavender.

Planting even a few of these flowers in your Chicago garden will not only provide your yard with a splash of color; you will be able to feel good knowing that butterflies and other insects will make themselves at home among the plants as well. If you would like to find out more about how you can have a summer garden to remember, contact our offices today. We have several team members who will be most willing to assist you with choosing the right plants and caring for them afterwards.