Landscaping Trends for People that Live in Chicagoland Area

Over the past few years, landscaping trends have shifted considerably. Although aesthetically appealing layouts have always been popular, more property owners than before are realizing that this is no longer the most important aspect to consider. Here are a few new urban landscaping trends that are being seen more and more often in the Chicagoland area.

Multi-functional Spaces

With property sizes becoming smaller in many areas, optimal utilization of all available space is a must. Instead of having only a lawn in the backyard, property owners are including comfortable outdoor living areas that include fire pits, outdoor furniture and kitchens and even TVs in some cases. This enables them to make the most of their outdoor spaces for entertainment or even working from home.

Native Plants

More homeowners than ever before are realizing how much their actions affect the environment, and as a result, they are choosing to use drought-tolerant and/or native plants. In fact, several lawns are being replaced with native plants nowadays because they will require far less watering and general maintenance over time than non-native plants and grass. Common plant options these days include various succulents and cacti.

Low Maintenance

Homeowners – especially those with young families – are busier than ever, meaning that they have less time to spend on yard work and maintenance. This has resulted in many of them not only choosing perennials instead of annuals; plants are being grouped together in yards according to watering and maintenance needs, enabling them to save time on yard care. Trees or shrubs that provide little to no ecological benefit are also being removed, especially if they require a lot of care, and automatic irrigation systems are being installed to save time, effort and water. All of this enables homeowners to enjoy their yard space instead of always having to work in it.

Growing Food

Homeowners are quickly discovering that it’s possible to grow surprising amounts of food – even in the most limited of yard spaces. Pots are being added to porch areas, while planters are hung by kitchen windows or from eaves. Vertical planters are being mounted to indoor and outdoor walls to grow a variety of herbs. Possibilities are endless in this regard.


Apps are used in almost all aspects of people’s lives nowadays, and landscaping is no exception anymore. The app called iScape can be used to help property owners visualize how plants or trees will look in their yards before buying and planting them. A photo is taken of the yard pace, uploaded to iScape and different pavers, plants and other landscaping elements can be added to see what the end result would be if used.

The above-mentioned trends prove that even yards and gardens in the Chicagoland area can look fantastic all year round. If you would like to learn more about landscaping your outdoor space, contact us today.