How to Grow Beautiful Succulents

The hottest trend right now in greenery both inside and outside the home are succulents. They are everywhere! From the Roseum to the Parva and more, there are many different and beautiful varieties of succulents to choose from. And they are also extremely easy to care for. These two attributes combined has made succulents rise to the top when it comes to 2018 landscaping trends.

At Martin John Company, we want to help our customers stay on top of the latest trends when it comes to creating custom landscaping designs. Here are some of our top tips for growing and maintaining the elegant succulent:

  1. Plant Well
    Give your succulents a great start by planting their roots into the soil suited best for them. An organic-based compost mixed with PermaTill can be a great option. You can also incorporate sand gravel or volcano rock into the mix or on the top layer. And most succulents will require some kind of fertilizer.
  2. Water by Season
    Did you know succulents require different amounts of water depending on the season? During early spring, they need thorough watering’s nearly weekly to flourish. During summer and into fall and winter, succulents require less frequent refreshment. In fact, during winter they may only require a once-a-month check.
  3. Allow for Drainage
    Succulents don’t like “wet feet.” They require adequate draining to grow well. Make sure you support a well-drained soil system by planting them in containers with drainage holes.
  4. Know Your Zone
    Succulents can thrive (yes, thrive!) in colder climates but you need to choose hardier varieties. They may appear dull at first but sunlight helps intensify their colors turning them into a thing of beauty.

Because they do so well inside, succulents can be incorporated into your home any time of the year. You can even transplant your indoor varieties into outdoor planters come spring. For more assistance in creating a custom, beautiful landscape design, contact the team at Martin John Company. We are the leader Lake Forest homeowners turn to for all of their lawn care needs. Going beyond the typical, we offer unique outdoor designs that fit each person’s individual needs and desires. Whether you enjoy working in the garden or would rather have an outdoor space that can be easily maintained, we help you discover your personal perfect fit. Contact us today to learn more.