Many Chicago homeowners think that it will be impossible for them to enjoy using their fire pit for three out of four seasons. However, this could not be further from the truth – especially if the right preparations are made ahead of time.

Below are some steps you can take to ensure that you’ll be able to enjoy spending time around your fire pit all year round.

Use a Cover to Keep Snow Out

This is probably one of the most important things to do if you intend to use your fire pit during winter. As with your outdoor grill, you’ll want to keep a decent cover over the main section of your fire pit to ensure that snow doesn’t accumulate inside – this will make it more difficult to get a fire going.

If your fire pit is portable, consider moving it undercover after use – just ensure that it is cold enough to move safely!

Ensure that Firewood is Kept Dry

Wet wood will make it almost impossible to start a fire in your fire pit, so it’s essential that your supply be stored somewhere that it will remain dry. It’s also important to keep any kindling you use dry as well, otherwise you could end up experiencing more smoke than fire.

Dig Out a Path to your Fire Pit

Just because a few inches of snow have been left on the ground, it doesn’t mean that your fire pit is now inaccessible. In fact, after snowfall, it can be a lot of fun to build a fire, erect an igloo and even have snowball fights with friends and family – all you need to do for everyone to be able to enjoy thawing out around the fire afterwards is to dig a path going to your fire pit.

Keep Seating as Dry as Possible

Although it will be pleasant for friends and family to gather round your fire pit to get warm, the experience will certainly be dampened – no pun intended – if they have to use wet seating.

Consider having waterproof covers made for the seating around your fire pit, especially if it’s a permanent fixture. Don’t forget to provide plenty of warm, snuggly blankets that guests can use to wrap up in as they spend time around the fire.

Make your Fire Pit Easy to Find

This can be done by adding soft lighting around your patio and along the walkway leading to it.  There are several solar options available that don’t even require direct sunlight to operate. Alternatively, you can string outdoor lights in nearby shrubs or trees to create somewhat of a festive atmosphere for visitors.

If you don’t have a fire pit installed in your Chicago yard yet, now is the time to start planning and choosing the option that will work best for you. Looking for options to build your outdoor living space? Contact our team today to find out about the best type of fire pit to install in your yard.