We all know that a well-manicured lawn looks great. And don’t we all want to make sure we don’t have the longest grass in the neighborhood? There are many obvious reasons why keeping our landscaping in tip-top shape is beneficial.

But are there other reasons to give our lawn some regular attention besides the obvious answers? Here are four unexpected benefits of mowing your lawn:

  • Enjoy Even Growth. There are few things more unappealing than a patchy, uneven lawn. Mowing the lawn keeps the grass at a uniform level. This allows for better distribution of resources from the sun and water.
  • Keep Mosquitoes Away. Mosquitoes thrive in damp environments. When the blades get too long, moisture begins to accumulate making the area ripe for a mosquito infestation. Keep the buzzers away with regular trimmings. But don’t get your lawn too short! This can attract other insects such as grubs.
  • Only the Best Survive. Ever heard the term “survival of the fittest” – “only the strong will survive”? Your grass works in much of the same way. As we mow, we take out the weaker shoots and allow the stronger, more beautiful shoots to flourish.
  • Preventing Costly Fines. Many cities have ordinances regarding the upkeep of residential properties. Fines can actually be issued when a homeowner’s grass is found to be too long. Avoid costly fines by keeping it well-maintained.

What to do When You Can’t Keep Up

Sometimes taking time for regular lawn clippings just isn’t feasible. Maybe you travel for work or keep a busy schedule filled with soccer tournaments and dance recitals. Whatever the reason, taking care of the lawn doesn’t have to be neglected. Hiring a professional lawn care team to help you maintain a well-manicured property can be a great alternative.

If you are searching for the right landscaping team to help keep your lawn looking great, consider the best the Chicago Area has to offer – Martin John Company. We have been the chosen partner for homeowners throughout the Libertyville area and beyond. From weekly trimmings to snow plowing and more, our team provides clients the services they need for all of the Midwest’s many seasons. Contact us today to learn more.