Patchy Lawn? How to Seed Properly for Optimal Grass Growth

A patchy lawn can be one of the most frustrating landscaping problems homeowners face. Who wants to look at sparse spots of dirt instead of lush, green grass? There are many reasons why you may need to seed your lawn. Adding or removing a patio or deck, driving heavy utility vehicles through the area, or a dry summer season can all contribute to increasing your need to lay grass seed.

When planting grass seed, follow these five steps for optimal growth:

Step 1: Buy Quality Seed
Using good quality grass seed will give you the best chance for success. When shopping, look for a product which is NTEP rated. This means that the particular variety has been independently rated and evaluated by the National Turf Evaluation Program (NTEP). NTEP rated products are specifically bred for their resistance to insect and disease infestation, drought tolerance, and superior vibrant green color. If you want the best, start with the best.

Step 2: Prep the Soil
If you are planting seed on an existing lawn, you want to follow a specific plan to prepare the soil prior to application. First, mow your grass to a short length. Loosen the top ¼” layer of soil in the patchy areas you want to seed. Remove any dead grass, rocks or other debris. Level the area so water will not pool in low spots and add top soil as needed.

Step 3: Plant the Seeds
For small areas, hand spread grass seed evenly over the patchy spots you want to cover. A lawn spreader can be used for larger areas. Aim for approximately 16 seeds per square inch. Too many seeds in any given area can cause them to fight for room and nutrients as they grow.

Step 4: Cover the Seeds
Cover the new seedlings with about a ¼” of top soil. Also make sure to fertilizer the soil after seeding.

Step 5: Water Frequently
Moisture increases germination so keep the area well-hydrated by watering frequently. Watering once a day is typically sufficient. Don’t over saturate the area with too much water.

If done the right way, you can enjoy a fresh, uniform lawn in no time. For further assistance in your lawn care needs contact our team at Martin John Landscaping. We work with both residential and commercial customers to keep their landscaping healthy and looking great. As a leading Chicago landscaping company, we are the experts when it comes to helping your backyard and outdoor spaces stay healthy all year around.

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