Avoid these 5 Common Landscape Design Mistakes

The flow and composition of your landscaping can be one of its most important aspects. In fact, a beautiful landscape design can add considerable value to the home while creating an inviting, enjoyable outdoor living space. By avoiding a few common pitfalls, every homeowner can enjoy the benefits of a well-planned backyard.

Below are 5 of the most common landscape design mistakes to avoid:

  • Starting without a Good Plan – A surprising number of homeowners begin a landscaping project without even a thought of the overall landscape design. Having a plan in place allows you to see the overall flow of the property while making the best use of your space. Hiring a professional landscaping contractor such as Martin John Landscaping can be a good first step in creating a design that matches your unique needs.
  • Placing Plants in Unsuitable Locations – Plants need many things to grow but one of the most critical is the right amount of sunlight. While some thrive in the warm glow, others prefer the shade. Don’t place plants wherever you want. You must consider which ones will work best within each area of your property based on the sunlight they need.
  • Overlooking the Future Size & Shape of a Tree or Shrub – Homeowners often buy plants that are not yet matured. They forget to take into consideration the future size and shape of the tree or shrub. Planting too close to the home is a common pitfall. Another mistake that is often made is placing a shrub directly underneath a window only to see that window covered by it in a few short years. Plants should be located in spaces most optimal for their future size and needs.
  • Forgetting to Prep before You Plant – Just like you wouldn’t build a home without a good foundation, you shouldn’t plant without the right soil in place. Soil can either be a source of life for a plant or stifle its growth. Well-prepared soil reduces the chance of your plants dying prematurely while giving them the best chance at success. Adding organic material to the mix will provide the necessary nutrients for them to thrive.
  • Not Considering All Four Seasons – The Midwest is blessed to enjoy all four seasons – spring, summer, fall and winter. While we may be planting in the warmer months, it is smart to consider each season when planning a landscape design. You want your yard to look good all year long so adding plants that bloom in the fall or stand strong in the winter will create lasting appeal.

Is your landscape design the right one for your unique property or do you even have one in place? Before beginning any landscape job, partner with Martin John Landscaping to ensure your property receives the care and attention it deserves. Starting a project without a plan is like throwing money out the window. Who wants to invest time and resources into a project only to be left with mediocre results? Put your money to good use by ensuring you have a design that will look great for years to come. For assistance on your next landscaping project, contact the expert team at Martin John Landscaping.

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