The Benefits of Winter Pruning

When the first snowflakes hit the ground, many people believe that the season for landscaping is over. While you may not need the grass clipped or the weeds pulled, there are certain benefits to completing some outdoor tasks during the chillier months. One prime example is pruning dormant trees. For those that value the health of their vegetation, winter can actually be a perfect time to schedule this landscaping service.

Here are some benefits to winter pruning:

New growth is slightly more during winter.
When pruning, stored energy that has accumulated in the roots and branches of a tree is then released. This surge of energy results in increased growth for those branch areas it reaches leading to increased growth.

Better visibility of branch formation.
With the leaves blown away in fall, a tree’s overall structure is more easily seen. This not only helps the pruner make smarter cuts but also provides a better look into the overall health of the tree and its branch structure.

Reduces the spreading of diseases.
The spreading of disease is often facilitated through insects located on pruning cuts. The insects carry the disease to other trees and plants infecting them. Since these insects are often not present during winter, the risks of infection are lessened.

Lessens the risk of damage below.
When pruning in the spring and summer, care must be taken in how and where large branches fall. They can damage fragile plants and flower beds below. During winter, the vegetation is not present, allowing the pruner to work more efficiently and quickly.

Ease of using heavy equipment.
For larger trees, specialized equipment may be necessary to complete the work. Unfortunately, this equipment can be heavy and a cause of damage to the ground below when utilized during the warmer months. In winter, the ground is frozen making it a perfect time to get close to the tree without damaging the earth below.

While winter pruning isn’t the best solution for every landscaping environment, it can be helpful to many looking to trim their trees effectively and efficiently. For assistance with your North Shore area pruning needs, contact the team at Martin John Landscaping. Our experts are trained to thoroughly assess each unique property and offer the best solutions based on its individual needs. Contact us or call 847-634-2184 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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