4 Smart Strategies for Your Landscape Design

Landscape design is an important part of creating a beautiful, welcoming outdoor space. Some approach the task with great detail preparing detailed drawings and researching the best choices for their space. Others design more freely often selecting pieces on a whim and adding as they go. Both approaches can lead to wonderful results. The key is to be smart about your landscape design. Being intentional about your choices helps create a cohesive space that you can be proud of for years to come.

Here are four smart strategies to use when planning a landscape design:

Compliment the Home
The goal of any good landscape design should be to seamlessly fit into the existing property. It should not only just “blend” well, but also add to the home’s beauty. Use plants and hardscapes that highlight the home’s architecture or soften its harsh lines to create a more cohesive look.

Add Lighting
Good lighting can add both beauty and function to the backyard. From solar path lights to ornamental sconces, outdoor lighting can help accent features of the design while also serving the important function of illuminating pathways during nighttime.

Highlight the Focal Point
Just like a well-designed room, your landscape should have a strong focal point. A focal point is one area of the property that stands-out from the rest drawing visitors in with its appeal. When choosing a strong focal point, it is important to select one which is distinctive from the rest of the design while also being connected to it. This may mean a similar color or shape or a connection to the overall style.

Consider Maintenance Equipment Access
One of the needs most forgotten during landscape design is keeping the design spaced enough so that maintenance vehicles can easily maneuver through. Larger mowers should be able to move about with ease. Consider your current needs as well as future ones. Projects on a patio or porch may require access by a large bulldozer or other piece of equipment.
When considering the landscape design of your property, trust the expertise of a professional landscaping firm. Martin John Company has been assisting clients in their landscaping needs since 2001. Serving the North Shore area, we have helped our residential customers create beautiful spaces to both complement and enhance their homes.

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