How to Choose a Fast-growing Tree & What to Avoid

We all love those large, stately trees that are perfect for sitting under during hot summer days. Their shade can provide hours of outdoor enjoyment. But what if your property is new construction or doesn’t have any existing trees planted? Unfortunately many of the aspects of bigger shade trees that we enjoy such as large foliage cover and sturdy branches are what also take years upon years to grow. So is there a balance to finding a tree that not only shoots up fast but is also substantive enough to be strong and long-lasting? The good news is you can find the right mix in your next tree selection; you might just need to adjust your expectations.

Refine Your Approach – Most of us would love to be able to enjoy a great shaded tree in just a few years, but if you want one that will last you will need to reconsider your expectations. Consider a fast-growing tree as one that will mature in 5-6 years. This equates to about 1 ½’ to 2’ a year. Any vegetation from plants to trees to flowers will grow best in rich soil with optimum nutrition. Make sure you plant them in spots right for their unique needs.

Choose from these great shade tree options:

–  Northern Red Oak – grows to 60-75 ft. high, prefers full sun and well-drained soil, Zones 5-9

–  Tulip Tree – grows 75-90 ft. high and 40-50 ft. wide, likes full sun and moist, slightly acidic soil, Zones 5-9

–  European Black Alder – grows 40-60 ft. high and 20-40 ft. wide, full sun or moist shade and thrives in wet soil, Zones 3-7

–  “Green Vase” Zelkova – grows 60-70 ft. high and 40-50 ft. wide, full to partial sun and sturdy against wind and drought, Zones 5-8

* Make sure to check the USDA’s Plant Hardiness Zone Map for the best choices for your unique climate

What to Avoid – While advertisements for trees that grow 15 feet a year may be tempting, they rarely offer the end results you are looking for in your landscape design. These trees often spread quickly overtaking the space with their growth. Avoid falling for these traps and rather select tree species that will offer a more lasting outcome. Also pay attention to the soil and sun needs of any option you are considering. Trees will grow faster when they are given the prime mix of both sunlight and nutrients that they need.

If you want to add more shade to your backyard, contact our team at Martin John Landscaping. We can assist you in every step of the process from selecting the right tree for your environment and needs to manicuring the ones that you already have. Contact our team today to schedule an appointment.

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