3 Fresh Takes on Hardscapes

Pavers, retaining walls, and walkways are all examples of how hardscapes play into the design and look of a property. For most homeowners, hardscapes seem like standard fixtures that are there more for utility than beauty. Many are now seeing the potential in their hardscape designs. They are approaching this aspect of landscaping as a way to further incorporate their personal style into their home while adding attractiveness to the property.

Below are some fresh ideas on the standard hardscapes:

Built-in Seating – Rather than purchasing expensive patio sets, many homeowners are now opting for built-in seating. These areas are typically constructed of stone or brick and can be found around fire pits or included in a luxurious outdoor kitchen.

Custom Planters – A great way to showcase beautiful plants is with custom planters. Built from stone or wood, these planters help add structure to the space while blending nature into the design.

Mixing Materials – Including mixed materials in your hardscape design can help add depth and texture to the space while keeping the budget in check. Combining both high-end materials such as polished mill stones with lower-cost materials like fieldstone can create a unique, custom appeal. Another way to achieve the look is through smaller touches such as granite inlays.

Along with standard lawn maintenance and care, Martin John Landscaping also offers our clients services for any of their outdoor needs including hardscape installation and maintenance. We can help design an intricately paved driveway, custom seating, or a beautiful retaining wall to enhance your property. Find inspiration for your next backyard renovation by visiting our online portfolio.

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