The Best Plants for Pergolas

As a popular backyard architectural structure, the pergola can be found in many landscape designs across the North Shore area. Homeowners find it the perfect way to not only protect an outdoor living space but also add some flare to the property. Adorning the pergola with lush plants better helps it block the sun’s rays while adding natural beauty to the backyard. Choosing the best foliage for them can be made easier when you know what to look for.

Below are three characteristics of the best plants for a pergola:

Climbing Plants – Climbing plants are a great choice to wrap and cover a pergola. There are many varieties of these climbers to choose from including honeysuckles and clematis. There are also many flowering vines that work well for both pergolas and trellises. You will want to make sure that your structure can handle the weight of whichever type you choose. Heavier species such as the trumpet vine require more strength to handle its girth.

Fast Growing Plants – When choosing new plants to adorn a pergola it is helpful to select ones that will quickly grow and fill the space. You also want to consider how early they bloom in the spring and how late they continue into the fall. Climbing roses are great for a quick cover.

Low Maintenance Plants – It may be difficult to trim and care for flower and plants on a tall structure such as a pergola. For this reason it is important to opt for ones that require little maintenance and only occasional trimming. You also want to consider their hardiness for your climate. Passionflower is a hardy plant that can withstand the cooler temperatures of northern climates such as the upper Midwest.

If you are looking for flower and plant options for your pergola or trellis, contact our team at Martin John Landscaping for assistance. We can help you create the perfect mix of greenery for your unique outdoor space. We also offer lawn maintenance and mowing services to give your property a manicured, polished look all season long.

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