The Key Differences between Morning and Evening Sunlight

Whether you’re growing vegetables or enjoying the beautiful colors and aromas of a flower garden, it’s important to ensure that they receive the right sunlight. Below, you can learn more about the differences between morning and evening sunlight so that you can make the best decisions for your unique garden and create the perfect landscaping plan.

Sun vs. Shade

First things first, it’s important to understand that some plants need a lot of sun while others need little if any at all. The best way to determine the amount of sun or shade your plants need is to do some research online. You can also read the back of the seed packet or the small plastic tag that comes with most plants. There are several degrees of sunlight to familiarize yourself with.

  • Full Sun – This indicates that your plant will require at least six hours of unobstructed sunlight each day. Most “full sun” plants thrive with eight or more hours of sunlight, however.
  • Part Sun – A plant that is labeled “part sun” requires anywhere from three to six hours of sunlight each day.
  • Part Shade – Again, these plants will require anywhere from three to six hours of sunlight. The difference here is that you will need to protect plants labeled as part shade from the intensity of the late afternoon and evening sun.
  • Full Shade – Finally, these plants should be exposed to no more than three hours of direct sun per day, and they should be protected from late afternoon and evening sun when possible.

Morning or Evening Sun?

Now that you understand how much sunlight your individual plants need, there are a few other considerations to make. Morning sun is less intense and somewhat filtered, so it is considered the safest bet for plants that require part sun or part shade. On the other hand, the late afternoon and evening sun is strong and less filtered, so it’s best for plants that require full or part sun.

Once you can accurately determine how much sun individual plants require, and once you understand the difference between morning and afternoon or evening sunlight, you can plan your garden based on the amount of sun exposure certain areas receive during the day. For example, if there’s a part of your flowerbed or garden that is always in shade, plan to put your “full shade” plants in this location. If there’s a part that is in shade most of the day but receives a few hours of sunlight in the morning hours, this is perfect for “part shade” or “part sun” plants. Finally, it’s important to always remember that the only plants that should be exposed to hours of afternoon and evening sun are those labeled “full sun.”

Learning more about the differences between morning and evening sunlight is an important first step in planning your vegetable or flower garden. When you choose the perfect locations for specific plants based on the type and amount of sunlight they receive throughout the day and combine it with good irrigation and nutrition, your landscape will be healthier, your yields will be higher, and your flowers will be more numerous.

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