Even with Bare Trees and Snow There are Ways to Make Your Outside Landscaping Look Pretty

For many homeowners, the idea of keeping their landscaping pretty and pristine throughout the winter months seems futile. After all, with bare trees and snow on the ground, landscaping is a moot point – or is it? Believe it or not, there are several things you can do to help keep your outdoor landscape looking amazing despite the bare trees and snow.

Use the Visible Bark to Your Advantage

Though there’s no doubt that deciduous trees will lose their leaves throughout the fall and early winter, you can actually use this to your advantage. Many ornamental trees have bark that is interesting and pretty, including varieties of birch and dogwood. Japanese maple is incredibly popular among homeowners who want smaller species of trees that keep some interest throughout the winter with its unique branch architecture, and certain varieties of cherry trees have deep burgundy bark that stands out against the snow to provide contrast.

Berries Add Color

Another option is to utilize plants and trees with berries that offer a pop of color throughout the winter. Holly and hawthorn are excellent examples of relatively hardy plants that will produce bright red berries that look amazing against a snowy backdrop. Even crabapples can be a welcome sight in the winter since they hold their fruit tightly despite snow, ice, and even wind. If you’re a birdwatcher, you’re in luck – these plants are an excellent source of nutrition, and they’ll bring some colorful visitors to your yard even in mid-winter.

Plant Evergreens

Rather than relying on berries and bark alone to make your yard look impressive this winter, consider adding some evergreen trees and shrubs here and there. Despite their name, they come in many different colors ranging from deep pine green to yellow, blue, and more. They come in various sizes, ranging from huge fir trees to the smallest dwarf spruces, which means you have some flexibility in your design. Try to incorporate at least one evergreen into each bed to keep things interesting throughout the year.

Test Your Hardscaping Skills

Winter is a great time of year to focus less on foliage and more on your hardscape. In fact, for many people – and even for landscaping professionals – winter is one of the best times of year for truly critiquing a hardscape and discovering its missing pieces. Things like benches, trellises, and even garden sculptures can all bring some focus and a pop of color to an otherwise dull winter landscape. You can even use your existing summer containers as homes for winter plants like rhododendron, holly, and more. Even simple twigs and boughs arranged in interesting patterns can enhance your outdoor landscape.

Bare trees and snow don’t have to signal the end of your gorgeous landscaping. In fact, they can present the opportunity to create a unique look. Plan ahead by installing some evergreens and deciduous trees with interesting bark and branch structure and consider things like berries and fruit that will last throughout the winter months. All of this will go a long way toward ensuring your home or office’s curb appeal throughout the year.

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