Three Landscape Designs for Every Size of Backyard

Your landscaping is one of those things you want to be proud of when it comes to your home.  It is the first thing people notice about the property. Homeowners spend thousands of dollars and countless hours creating the perfect backyard. One that can be enjoyed for years to come.

Backyard landscape design can also be tricky, too.  It can be hard to scale the project to your size lawn.  Go too big and things can seem overcrowded. Go too small and you are left with a boring view outside.

Martin John Company has become the Chicago expert at both small backyard landscaping and large-scale projects.  And many of our backyard landscaping ideas often can be perfect for those big and not-so-big properties.

Below are three landscape design ideas ideal for any size backyard.

Water Works – Water is one of the most relaxing features you can add to a backyard space. A koi pond, small fountain or large pool all create that soothing atmosphere only water can provide.  Consider how much upkeep you want to take on and go from there when planning your own water feature.

Covered Spaces – Pergolas, terraces and small pavilions can be a great way to beat the heat while creating an architectural feature in the yard.  A small covered trellis can even be used in tighter spaces to create both height and interest.

Conversational ‘Rooms” – Every backyard needs a place for people to talk and enjoy each other’s company.  Whether it’s a little bench tucked in a nook or a large patio set, creating a conversational space is so important.  

Not sure how to landscape a small or large backyard?  Don’t worry – you don’t have to! The experts at Martin John Company offer our clients backyard landscape design services that meet their exact needs.  We help create warm, welcoming spaces you can enjoy all year around. Find inspiration for your own backyard renovation by visiting our online portfolio.


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