Why You Shouldn’t Plant Too Close to Your Home

Early spring is the time of year when many homeowners begin planning their landscaping strategy for the growing season. This may mean pruning some plants back or transplanting others to a new area. It could also mean adding new bushes, trees and flowers to the backyard.
While choosing the right species for your unique climate is important, so is deciding where to plant them. In fact, at Martin John Company we often help homeowners with plants which have been placed too close to the home. It’s a problem the average person wouldn’t think of until it’s too late. Don’t waste your time and energy planting in the wrong spot. Here are some things to watch for placing landscaping near the home:
• Heavy shrubbery too close to the home can create moisture problems. This excess water can lead to damage to certain types of siding such as stucco and composition material.

• Your landscaping appeal can be lessened when bushes are stuck against the homes exterior. Homeowners often will plant new bushes too close forgetting that in a couple years they will get larger in size growing against to the home.

• Termites are attracted to plants and trees as sources of food. Having vegetation too close to the home also invites these termites into the area as well.

• Landscaping close to the home is more difficult to weed, trim and maintain. Ample space allows for easy movement around it.

• Planting too nearby can also prevent you from being able to maintain other aspects of the homes exterior. Will you be able to clean the windows, hang Christmas lights, or power wash the siding? And will you be able to effectively clean your gutters? Giving yourself room to easily access your home will save you many headaches down the road.

You also want to consider how close trees are to the home. Many species such as Oaks and Maples have huge root systems. These can creep closer and closer to the home damaging sewer lines, foundations and more. It is also important to make sure the branches don’t hang too close to the home. Falling leaves and small twigs can easily clog a gutter system making you have to clean them more often.

If you are concerned about how close your bushes and trees are to the home, contact an expert for advice. The team at Martin John Company has helped many clients throughout the Libertyville area with all of their landscaping needs. Let us assess your property and offer a detailed report on how we can assist you in remedying any outstanding problems. We have been the team homeowners throughout the area have trusted with their backyards for over fifteen years!

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