4 Simple Things You Can Do for a More Beautiful Flower Garden

Not all of us were born with a green thumb. In fact, some may even consider their thumbs to be a little brown…. just like their gardens. Year after year, they dutifully plant and weed and water their flower beds and still are left with only wilting blooms.
What so many people forget is that gardening is more than just a “talent” you are born with. It takes a little science and even a little more know-how. Successful gardeners know what they need to do to ensure their flower bed is a beautiful floral bouquet. And, the best part is, you can learn too.
Here are four simple things you can do to create a beautiful flower garden:

1. Consider the garden design. Most people put very little thought into which varieties of vegetation they choose and even less thought into where they are placed. A beautiful garden is planned and takes into consideration natural light, the plants performance and soil types. An expert such as Martin John Company can help you get started on your own unique flower bed design.

2. The best way to turn a stunning garden into a disaster is by allowing weeds to overtake it. Weeding is a necessary evil and one that can’t be avoided. Adding a protective layer of mulch to the garden floor can help lessen your time spent picking weeds.

3. Always water the right amount at the right time. It is best to water evenly so that the entire ground is moist, not wet. You also want to provide your flowers much needed refreshment at the optimum time of the day. Early morning or late evening is best. During these times, the plants are best able to soak the water into their roots.

4. Want to know why some people seem to have beautiful blooms all season long? They take time to prune their beds. Regularly pruning your plants will allow new buds to grow and flourish. Start by removing spent blossoms, also called “dead heads”. Then comb through clearing out the rest of the brown leaves and unruly sprouts. Removing away the dead material will allow your garden to truly be magnificent.
At Martin John Company, we don’t just mow lawns. In fact, we offer a number of landscaping services including helping you plan and maintain a gorgeous flower garden. We help our clients bring the beauty and color back into their backyards. For help with your Chicago area landscaping needs, contact our team today.

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