Six Things Your Snow Removal Professional Needs to Know

Although fall is in full-swing, the winter season will be here before we know it. Along with the cooler temperatures comes a task most homeowners dread – shoveling snow. Early morning hours spent blowing the driveway are never fun.

Hiring a professional snow removal team such as Martin John Company can be a smart way to take the load of your shoulders, literally. Whether you have worked with a company in the past or are considering hiring one for the first time, there are some things you’ll want to make sure they know.

Here are 6 things your snow removal company should know:

• Where you want them to pile the snow
• The location of mailboxes, water basins, catch basins, electrical boxes and fire hydrants
• Where your property line begins and ends
• Any specific city or neighborhood association guidelines for snow removal
• Any city or neighborhood noise ordinances, hours, and specific guidelines
• Your schedule – when you leave, get home, need access to the driveway

A reputable snow removal team will know to ask many of these questions during your initial consultation. If they are familiar with the area, they should also know your specific city ordinances and guidelines, but it is always helpful for the homeowner to be informed as well. Clear communication on all aspects of your snow removal services is always best for both you and your provider.

When choosing a snow removal partner, you want one with experience and professionalism. For those in the Chicago area that partner is Martin John Company. Based in Libertyville, we have assisted our Chicago neighbors with all of their landscaping and snow removal needs for 15 years. Our team works with both residential customers as well as commercial properties and multi-family complexes. Martin John is dependable, reliable and there when you need us most.

Contact our team today to discuss your snow removal plan!

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