Although you may already have a fabulous pool in your backyard, chances are that you’ve been looking for a few other features to include that will complement it.

Hardscaping is a term used to describe virtually any type of practical or decorative structure in your yard area – and the ideas below will help get you started with incorporating that little something extra into your outdoor entertainment area:


Brick pavers can be laid over an existing concrete patio to give it a more updated and luxurious appearance. Alternatively, you can opt for flagstone if you prefer your yard to have a natural look and feel – these can be arranged to create a lovely, smooth surface that is easy underfoot and convenient to clean.

If you’re keen to create walkways in parts of your yard, concrete pavers will usually be your best option. Leaving a small space between each of them will provide a modern appearance, while also making it easier for excess water to drain away during inclement weather.

Water Features

Adding a built-in water feature to your yard will provide a sense of relaxation for friends and family as they listen to the soothing sounds when it’s flowing. Placing natural stones around its edge and under the running water section will help create additional sound if desired. Ensure that the feature you choose is scaled to the size of your yard.

Pool Decking

Is your pool looking somewhat out of place in your yard because it doesn’t have anything surrounding it? If so, adding a concrete or even wooden deck around its perimeter will not only enhance the visual appeal of your pool; it will make it easier for everyone to step in and out if it as well.

A Firepit

Although these hardscaping features have become an absolute must-have over the past few years, many homeowners think they’re too pricey to consider. However, a simple fire pit can be constructed by using a metal fire pit bowl and surrounding it with cinder blocks or your choice of outdoor pavers that will help mimic the appearance of a stone one.

A Play Structure

Including one or more age-appropriate play structures in your backyard will allow your kids to enjoy their time outside as much as possible, while also keeping physically active. Your kids and their friends will have fun sliding, swinging, climbing and playing in the safety of your yard.

Wherever possible, opt for structures that are designed to grow with your children because this will ensure that they’ll be able to get maximum use from them.

Regardless of the hardscaping features you decide to install, it’s strongly recommended that you hire the services of reputable contractors to get the job done. This will ensure that everything is installed and set up according to the required safety standards – allowing every member of your family to make the most of the time they spend outdoors without worry.

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