backyard garden

If you live in a beautiful Chicago-area bungalow, landscaping often involves creating a welcoming appearance and feel with big porches, lots of windows, and a general cottage-like vibe. Bungalow landscaping is more than just garden beds; in fact, the perfect springtime bungalow garden is one that is an extension of your home. Here are seven beautiful and perfect bungalow garden ideas to incorporate this season.

#1 – Use Lots of Paths and Gates

One of the draws of bungalow living is the coziness and mystery that tends to surround them. To add to this old-fashioned feel, use natural pavers to create several unique walkways that lead to various parts of your property. Install gates to section these areas off and make use of fixtures like arches and even gazebos to add even more interest.

#2 – Turn Small Patios into Retreats

Even if your bungalow boasts a large wrap-around porch, there is something serene and special about creating small patios in tucked-away corners of your property. Use leftover walkway pavers to create a four-by-four-foot patio, then place a couple of charming chairs on it to create a hidden space.

#3 – Create Outdoor Living Spaces

If you have a large porch or patio, consider turning it into an outdoor living space that can serve as an extension of your home. It could be an outdoor hobby room, complete with storage and comfortable places to curl up and knit. It may be a reading nook with a stone fire pit and cozy chair. On the other hand, if you like to entertain guests, you could convert it into a fully functional outdoor kitchen facing a beautiful flower garden, instead.

#4 – Stick to Natural-Looking Materials

Creating a picturesque bungalow garden involves utilizing as many natural materials as you can in your landscape. Avoid metals and materials that do not occur naturally and stick to things like natural-looking wood and rough-cut stone. You might even consider utilizing ivy as a decorative element for a touch of rustic flair.

#5 – Install a White Picket Fence

The white picket fence has been associated with the American Dream for generations, so if you have always dreamed of one, consider wrapping one around a darling bungalow garden. You can use it as a perimeter for your entire yard, or you can install a smaller version around your outdoor living space. The possibilities are endless.

#6 – Avoid Being Too Structured

Many people tend to be too perfect in their planning, but when it comes to the bungalow-style garden, this can take away from the appeal. Do not worry too much about a perfectly structured and symmetrical garden, and instead try to have a more eclectic train of thought. Furnishings do not need to match, for example, and your flower beds do not have to be perfectly balanced. The randomness lends to the bungalow charm.

#7 – Wildflowers Are Your Friends

Last, but most certainly not least, rather than spending hours or even days meticulously planting specific flowers in strategic places, consider getting a big envelope of mixed wildflower seeds and tossing them here and there. Once again, bungalow gardening is not about meticulous planting. Rather, it is about letting nature determine the course. Wildflowers are stunning, and they are good for the local wildlife, too!

Bungalow gardens are known for their cozy charm, tucked-away seating areas, and eclectic style. The seven tips above can serve as inspiration for your own bungalow garden this spring, or you can incorporate some of your own creativity and make your space your own.