Regardless of whether you’re new to the gardening scene or you’re highly experienced in this area, chances are that you’ll be on the lookout for ideas with regards to the types of plants that will thrive on your Chicago property. With Chicago falling into zone 5, it’s essential to choose plants that will survive the weather conditions that are experienced in this region.

If you’re looking for plants that will last all year round, the list below will make a great starting point:


In most cases, these perennials are so hardy that they’ve been known to last for decades in a well-kept garden. Grid stakes can be added around them while they are blooming to prevent them from toppling over as they get bigger. Peonies require full sun to partial shade and it’s essential for their soil to be well drained. They can usually be expected to grow to about 3 feet tall.


Also commonly known as lilyturf, this plant has narrow foliage resembling grass and it can be green or variegated. Liriope is known to make an excellent groundcover and it is also used as an edging plant to help control erosion on steeply sloped areas. It can also last for many years – even in gardens that have been left unattended for long periods of time. Full sun to partial shade is needed, along with well-drained soil and it can reach a height of around 18 inches.

Oriental Poppy

Although the Oriental poppy may look fragile, this plant will thrive in even the most difficult conditions – it has been found growing at properties that have been abandoned for many years. While it is best to not move these flowers, they can be divided and transplanted during the fall months if truly necessary. Well-drained soil and full sun will ensure that they thrive and they can grow to as high as 3 feet.


Wisteria has been known to bloom for many years and it’s well known for its blue or white fragrant flowers. The variety called ‘Blue Moon’ has been especially developed for colder regions and it requires full sun and well-drained soil to thrive. Keep in mind that this plant can reach heights of 25 feet in some cases.

New England Aster

This perennial will provide some late season color to your garden and it becomes covered in pink or purplish blue flowers that make a beautiful show. The New England Aster will help attract butterflies to your garden and it grows to about 6 inches tall. Well-drained soil and full sun are needed for it to thrive.

Ensuring that the soil in your garden is well drained is probably one of the most important things to do before starting with any planting. If you’re unsure of the types of flowers, shrubs or trees that will do well in your yard, contact our team of experienced landscapers today. We look forward to assisting you with getting your garden looking as attractive as possible.