Expert Tips on Growing a Home Garden

If you’re interested in growing a garden at home, there are several interesting directions you could take. Fruits, vegetables, and flowers are excellent choices, but only if you know what to plant, when to plant them, and how to care for them. Below are some expert tips on growing a home garden that you can […]

Tools You’ll Need to Get Ready for Fall Landscaping

Fall landscaping can be incredibly rewarding, particularly when the fruits of your labor become apparent in the early spring months. If you want to prep your lawn for the next growing season, though, you’ll need some specific tools to get the job done. Here’s what you’ll need to carry you through autumn’s landscaping. An Aerator […]

When Is the Right Time to Prune Bushes, Plants, and Trees?

Many homeowners in the Chicago area go out to prune their bushes, plants, and trees once or twice each year – all at the same time – in order to save themselves time and keep growth under control. However, not all plants should be pruned and trimmed at the same time. Below, you can learn […]