Master the Art of Perfect Lawn Watering

How much watering is too much? How much is too little? And what is just right? Yes, water is essential for plants and grass to grow but the amount of water used and the way can be just as important. Supplying too much water can actually harm your lawn, while too little makes it less […]

How to Choose a Fast-growing Tree & What to Avoid

We all love those large, stately trees that are perfect for sitting under during hot summer days. Their shade can provide hours of outdoor enjoyment. But what if your property is new construction or doesn’t have any existing trees planted? Unfortunately many of the aspects of bigger shade trees that we enjoy such as large […]

3 Fresh Takes on Hardscapes

Pavers, retaining walls, and walkways are all examples of how hardscapes play into the design and look of a property. For most homeowners, hardscapes seem like standard fixtures that are there more for utility than beauty. Many are now seeing the potential in their hardscape designs. They are approaching this aspect of landscaping as a […]