How to Pair the Right Plants, Shrubs, and Hedges with Your Home’s Exterior Design

Your home’s exterior design is what provides its curb appeal and makes it attractive to others in the neighborhood. Pairing different types plants, shrubs, and hedges with your home exterior can create a more cohesive look and amplify your style. Below are the most important factors to consider when making sure the plants you choose are right for your home.


One of the first things to consider is the height of the plant or shrub when it is fully grown. Depending on your home’s architecture, placing taller plants near the entrance or at the corners can help provide a more natural, purposeful look. If you live in a three-story Victorian home, for example, you can choose plants that grow as high as eight to 10 feet for this purpose. On the other hand, if you live in a ranch-style home, plants of that size would look out of place. It’s all about ensuring that the height of the plants or shrubs complements the height of your home without dwarfing it.


Many homeowners utilize specific color schemes in their home exterior design. Many prefer to keep the colors of their siding and roofing relatively neutral but use lawn décor and floral accents for pops of color. If your home’s exterior is gray with dark gray trim, for example, you might choose to plant flowers that offer bright pops of red and yellow for a pop of color contrast. You might even opt for some flowering shrubs at the corners of your home to help bring it all together. Another option involves choosing flower and shrub colors that complement your exterior design for the front yard but allowing yourself to enjoy the full spectrum of color in the rear.


Plants come in a wide variety of shapes and styles, so taking the time to plan ahead will help you achieve better pairings. Grasses, for example, can grow in a variety of different shapes. Some may be almost spherical while others are almost all height and virtually no width at all. Look at the front of your home from the street or the curb – or use a high-resolution photo – and try to visualize different shapes in different areas. Exterior design is all about catching the eye, so try to think of different ways to create focal points with plant and shrub shapes.


Last, but most certainly not least, homeowners should always consider the functionality of anything they plant in their yards. A beautiful oak tree is certainly a sight to behold, but it’s much more than just aesthetic. An oak tree can provide shade in the summer that makes your backyard more comfortable for children and even reduces your energy bills by deflecting direct sunlight. A tall hedge is more than just a statement piece; it can provide ample privacy in lieu of a traditional fence. In both cases, these options can provide homes for local wildlife and make your lawn a much more interesting place to spend time.

Choosing the right plants, shrubs, and hedges to pair with your home exterior design doesn’t have to be tricky. It’s all about choosing things that appeal to you and perhaps even provide some functionality or benefit while creating focal points with height, shape, and pops of color. A landscaped lawn is much like a work of art, so be sure to look at plenty of inspiration, decide what appeals to you, and then allow your creativity to flow freely.


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